Sunday, October 27, 2013

Recent Favorites

A few recent favorite photos, just because! 

On our way to pick up Trenton—my first day with my shiny new iphone!

Quinn's first big girl bath! 

The view along one of the small trails near our house. I've been running here weekly lately, and it is beautiful. 

This girl is just too much fun! Seven months. No teeth yet. Still wakes up twice at night, once before midnight and once after. Smiles like crazy for everyone at kindergarten pickup. Happiest thing around. 

Hello handsome husband of mine! And hello squeezable baby girl! 

Our little lady is learning all kinds of new things, and I'd say she's pretty darn pleased with herself! 

Attempting to build a fort, but their sister penetrated the barricade! Chase is under there too. :) 

First rain of the season! Taken right outside of kindergarten. 

Two hours past bedtime and counting...I'm so happy these wild boys have each other.