Thursday, August 14, 2014

The First Half of 2014 in Pictures

I'm stifling my inner perfectionist and posting a ton of favorite photos in an effort to get caught up. I love instagram, but we have so many more great memories from this year that I don't want to forget.

In addition to the amazing things we've done (which I list at the bottom of this post), we've also worked really hard. I remember in college when a professor said at finals time that life will only get more stressful. I balked at that. (Finals were way stressful, right??) I can see what he means now, though, as the stress of keeping a hundred balls in the air is very different than the stress of acing five tests in a week.

Our job managing our building has grown and morphed over the years, and I'm ready to move on. Thankfully, I have Ryan to help me find the humor in the insane interactions I sometimes have with (overly invested) residents and HOA board members. :) It's really hard to find the right next step for our family, especially in an area like the Bay area. But overall, the job has been a HUGE blessing for us, and a silver lining is how invested the boys are in being "mangegers," as Chase pronounces it. I appreciate being able to have them work right alongside me.

Ryan and I have spent a year now developing with our designer and developer. We have come so far, but we still have a ways to go. I love the videos we're producing, though!

I got called to be the ward librarian, which is a little hilarious. I think I'm the youngest person ever to be in that room, but it's a surprisingly social calling. Plus, I waged war on all the junk that had collected in there, and I won! On a more serious note, maybe the Lord just knew I needed a little break and a little spiritual boost from attending Relief Society. I'll take it while I can! Ryan is still serving as assistant ward clerk.

Ryan's job at Apple rocks! And he rocks at it!

Trenton's year of kindergarten was a little isolating for the kids and me. Between school and preschool pickups and dropoffs and Quinn's two naps a day, that was about all we could do. But once summer hit and Quinn eliminated a nap, we started living it up!

Here's the first half of the year in pictures...!

Chase's fourth birthday (which included an un-pictured family trip to Rock 'N Jump); several beautiful trips to the beach; a hike off skyline; a couple of fun outings to Bernal Heights; Quinn's first birthday; a fantastic (seriously, fantastic) visit from Sarah, Javier, and Arie; a crazy fun Ellie Goulding concert for Ryan and me; an Easter photoshoot by our pool; and a backpacking trip for Ryan.

A plane ride to Utah for Launa and Nate's GORGEOUS wedding; a six-mile boys hike where the boys really learned that they can "do hard things"; Trenton's last day of kindergarten; Father's day; a visit from my sweet grandpa (who came bearing a boxing bag the boys are still using); a foggy visit to Twin Peaks; and—not to be forgotten—cherry, strawberry, and peach picking. My favorites. :)


  1. Ahhh, such a great way to save your own family history as you're living it! Such nice pictures with gorgeous people we love!!!

  2. You really have the sweetest little kids and family! I loved seeing all of these pictures, especially the adventures I haven't seen. Looks like an awesome summer. You are a great mom! And good job doing that managing job for so long! I could never do that. Wish we could come visit you and do some of these fun things with you!

  3. What a beautiful family you have! I love this!