Thursday, August 14, 2014

Roadtrip to Utah 2014

There's nothing like our annual summer roadtrip to Utah! Despite the angelic picture below, Quinn has never been a fan of the car, and she let us know exactly what she thought about the 12-hour drive for two-thirds of it. :) Luckily, I was expecting it and had an unusually calm attitude about it (most of the time). :)

Ryan's parents rented an amazing townhouse in Park City, where each family had their own room and bathroom. We took it easy after Kyle got a concussion while mountain biking with the guys and started repeating the same half a dozen questions every five minutes. (Have I vomited? Are my pupils dilated? I'm engaged?) That lasted for about a day, and every time he slept it improved. We are so happy he's as good as new now.

Other highlights included time in the jacuzzi, smores on the gas fire, lots of great food, an early bday celebration for T, a shopping trip with the girls and kids, a quick trip to the lake and the boys' first fishing experience with Uncle Nate, and family T-shirts that say "Nielsen Family Ski and Bike Shop." (Love those!)

We joined my family after the Nielsen reunion. We did Wheeler Farm, Cowabunga Bay, the Midway Crater hot spring, and the Murray 4th of July parade. The boys are still talking about how much candy they got that morning. It was as much as on Halloween! Except a lot more salt water taffy. :) 

My parents are incredible hosts to about a million people. 

Our favorite part, of course, was just spending time with siblings and parents and cousins, and we city-dwellers also really enjoyed imagining what it would be like to have a big beautiful yard like my parents do. :)

(They really were loving it, especially once the candy started coming!) 

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  1. We all loved spending time with your adorable, growing family! Xox

  2. I love seeing all these pictures! What a great time with both families.