Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life at Home, Fall 2014

A while ago, we discovered that the key to happy weekends, for us, is getting out and exploring. So we've been having a lot of pretty amazing family adventures, while we live in such an incredible place.

But there are so many sweet, ordinary moments at home that deserve some serious air time too. I love my family!

Highlights? In no order: Christmas lights poked into boxes for hours of fun (thank you, pinterest); lots of cuddle/jump time on my bed; a case of the grumps; Chase catching a lizard on the patio, with more stealth than I knew he had in him (we have two lizards who live near our patio - Ike and Zoomy); Chase and Quinn's weekly date at my window watching the landscapers; a week of rock climbing camp (late summer); an epic lemonade stand the weekend before school started; and Trenton showing off his "student of the week" poster.


  1. You are so great and beautifully capturing magical moments!

  2. Haha...that made me laugh that you named the lizards! And that Chase caught one! What a fun story. I love thinking about you way over there killing time at home like we are over here! They Christmas lights in a box is an especially good idea. So many great moments!