Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Rainbow State

Hey pals, greetings from the rainbow state and thanks for reading our blog. Erica and I have been having a great time in Northern California.

I thought you all might like to hear a little story Erica hasn't told...

A couple of weeks ago we decided to go to our favorite beach near Pacifica. Well we didn't realize it at the time, but it is actually a "clothing optional" beach and we all know what that means. Erica and I were just minding our own business when we see this big old fat naked man walking along the shoreline kind of coming towards us. (Clothing optional at this beach really just means weird naked old men) The next thing I know he's talking to me, and Erica has taken off sprinting in the opposite direction. Well he started making small talk and all I could think of was I am in the middle of some public beach talking to a naked man. Gross!!!! So I asked him why he didn't wear any clothes and if he was ever uncomfortable. He started talking about being a hippy and weird stuff like that. Anyway - Luckily Erica started calling to me from a distance and so it gave me a chance to get out of the situation. I don't think we'll be visiting that beach any time soon.

Anyway - we really are enjoying our visit to California and hope to make it a permanent place to live (Randy and Cheri have offered to subsidize our rent!) J/K. (Today we had a great ward activity and afterwards worked out at our gym, Vivre. If anyone wants to see pictures of our gym they are at www.vivrepa.com)

Work is going well

All the best,



  1. Ahahaha I can totally see Erica wigging out, and you actually striking up a conversation about the topic! You guys are great. I think you should visit there 'clothing optional' too.

  2. OHMYGOSH! I can't believe you actually ended up at a naked beach. And Ryan, what are you doing talking to a naked guy!? You are crazy! How awkward. I can't even imagine!

    Funny story. I don't blame Erica for not posting that one...but its so you Ryan! I love you guys.

  3. Clothing optional, but not garment optional.

    Remember that.

  4. I talk to naked people every day, no big deal, in fact I even ask them to take their cloths off. Remember if you feel nervous talking to them with their cloths off imagine them with their cloths on!!

  5. Thanks for the tip Alphadog. Next time i'm hanging out at the "Clothing optional" beach I'll just think of Alphadogs advice "just imagine the naked people with their clothes on."

    And by the way - That's kind of weird you ask people to take their clothes off every day????