Monday, July 16, 2007

Wet Suits and Boogie Boards

Ryan worked hard last week and even got some overtime in. We expect the same thing this week even though he'll be working with a new team auditing a new client. On Friday night we went golfing near by with three of Ryan's fellow interns, all from BYU, and on Saturday we all went to Santa Cruz, where we spent the afternoon at the beach, went to dinner at Pizza My Heart, and found a hot tub to relax in for a few minutes at the end of the night. Ryan's intern group at E & Y is surprisingly close, and it's been fun having fun people to do things with out here.

By the way, last week we enjoyed THE nicest dinner with Dad and Grandpa and Grandma at the infamous Fenton's! We are blessed with so much love and support from both our families. We love you all!


  1. LUCKY! Dinner with the G-parents and your dad? I've been here 6 months and I haven't had any family yet to visit... (well besides the drop-off) You're LUCKY!

    And it looks like you two are still having a blizz-ast. Yay for fun summers! XOXO.

  2. Friends are so fun! And being in a new environment... I am so jealous! Live it up because it's just not that easy to be spontaneous when the short little squallers come along.

    Adrie has taken to screaming a lot. I think she picked it up from Madilyn ;)

  3. I love your red board shorts! When did you get those?

    Looks like you are having a lot of fun on the beach! Have you found any nice accounting boys for me to get married to yet?

  4. And alaina, what are you talking about? Madilyn doesn't scream! That is mean!