Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ahhh, Paradise.

Ryan hit the waves today on a surf board for the first time. It was exciting! We went with two of the other guys from his work and had the best time. Seriously, I can't think of a day better than this--we worked out this morning at our gym, walked over the farmer's market a couple of blocks from our house, ate the best peaches ever, picked up our friends, and surfed all afternoon (well, okay I was more of the camera girl...most of you know how I feel about cold water). We even found a hot tub and pool at a nearby hotel (the things you do when you're in the company of three boys...) to relax in after an afternoon in the sun.

Those are our three guys. Ryan's the one in the middle. It's practically impossible to get a photo of all three up on a wave at once!

It was seriously the perfect day. The guys were talking about moving back here next year and buying wet suits and boards. Any other takers??


  1. Beautiful pictures! It looks absolutely picturesque and words can't describe how jealous I am of your exciting life. Live it up!

  2. Hey guys!!! We miss hanging out with you in Provo! It's fun that we are out on our own adventures though!! I am a little bit behind in catching up, but I had a blast going through your blog today! I don't get much internet time because our apartment in Prague doesn't have internet. I will keep looking when i can! Love the beach pictures! Makes me miss Miami! Congrats on Notre Dame! We are so happy for you!

  3. Sounds like you are having the time of your life! I think that maybe I would rather be the photographer like you than to be out there being tossed around in the cold water. Boys will be boys!

    You might be becoming a beach bum...that would be the life!

  4. I'm surprised they all seem to be doing so well on their first time!

    Your life looks so fun! I'm waiting for photos of you doing the routine hum-drum... :D

  5. Yo. The masses are calling for a new post. :D

  6. I'm excited to hear everything you're up to... I keep hearing second hand versions from everyone else...!

    I envy your life! Oblige me!