Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hello! I just got home from my second absolutely wonderful trip to AZ! Ryan flew to Florida for the weekend with work, so once again, I joined the Arizona bunch. I love going there, getting to know my siblings (including Sally and Tom!) better, having long conversations, seeing the kids as they develop their cute little personalities, and being reminded of how hot it is in Arizona! :) Mary and Sally are fun and fabulous moms, and Tom and Corey are loving, supportive dads. I'm just amazed at how much they do for their sweet children!

I spent the first night at Corey and Sally's and the second two nights at Mary and Tom's. During my four-day stay, we had a swim party/BBQ at Mary's and ate fantastic omlets for breakfast at Corey's. I was treated to a pedicure by Mary (and was told that I used to be fat by my pedicurist), went shopping with Mary (thanks to Tom for tending the kids!), ate at Serrano's with Corey and Sally's family, and ate at Nello's with Mary and Tom's family. We also spent an afternoon at a public pool, where I rediscovered how fantastic it is to go all the way under the water! (It's been way too long since I really swam--and with goggles, no less!) Thanks, everyone, for treating me so well! You all are amazing hosts!

Many of you will be excited to learn that Ryan rode the Tower of Terror at MGM Grand in Florida! He instinctively reached for the hand of the guy next to him on the ride (!)...which made me feel good knowing that he really did miss me!


  1. I love that shirt! I think Rachel was wearing the same one in some photos in Oregon? (Now I'll have to go check.) It's about time you were blogging again! Missed you!

    Looks like you had fun! Now come join me out East!

  2. How fun! I love all the pictures. That is a very cute shirt you were that from forever 21? its a lot like mine!

    Ahah, it sounds like Ryan might have had an embarrassing moment! I'm glad he missed you, but i'm EXTRA glad he got to ride the tower of terror!

    We miss you (and you too Nat) and wish you could be here with us for the reunion.

  3. YAY! The Tower of Terror is the best ride in the universe. Thumbs up to Ryan for holding high the torch!

    We missed you at the Reunion. Plan for June 2009 everyone! The R&C family needs representation!