Monday, August 27, 2007

Touchdown Jesus

I realized that my reference to Touchdown Jesus in a previous blog could possibly use a little explanation. (I had never heard of it until we started talking about going to Notre Dame.) On the front of Notre Dame's library is a huge mural (8 or 10 floors) of Jesus with his arms raised to the sky--much like the sign a ref makes for a touchdown. The library is only yards away from the football stadium, so Touchdown Jesus, as they call him, basically towers over the north end zone. This picture was taken when we flew out to check out campus last spring.


  1. Hahahah I love it. New cultures... they're great aren't they!

  2. I was describing your new apartment to Mary before she'd read your blog, and I told her you could see touchdown Jesus from your window. She didn't know what that meant! And then I thought that was weird because I felt like everyone knew about touchdown Jesus! But then I realized I guess I only know about it from you! Ha!

    Gooooo irish!

  3. YaY! Thank you for pic/explaination(sp?) of Touchdown Jesus. I loved it!