Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fighting Irish

We’ve arrived! For the first time, we’re settling in to our very own apartment, and it is exciting! I’m loving it.

We were sad to leave California and shocked at how fast the summer flew by--we didn't quite get to do everything on our list, but it looks like we'll be able to keep working on it when we return next year.

Our apartment complex here is party central at Notre Dame (which makes us a little nervous), but it’s also right in the heart of the Notre Dame atmosphere. We can see Touchdown Jesus from our little balcony, and everyone says this is the place for tailgate parties on home game weekends (although I'm thinking that BYU tailgates and Notre Dame tailgates could mean slightly different things...we'll see!)

This is the view of Touchdown Jesus from our balcony. The apartment complex borders campus, so it should only be about a 10 minute walk for Ryan to the business building.

Because they didn’t have our one-bedroom apartment ready when we arrived, they offered us a two-bedroom apartment with a big living room, and they even threw in a covered parking space for free as well. We got a good deal on renting furniture—one minute our apartment was empty, ten minutes later it was full of furniture!

Last night we slept on the floor in our bedroom because, of course, we didn't have our furniture yet. We were so exhausted, though, from a week of packing, driving, repacking, and driving some more that we didn't even notice we were on the floor. I have a feeling this new bed will be a little better in the long run, though!

Thanks, G&G, for the maps that helped us get out here! We look forward to showing some of you of new place when you come visit! Love,

Erica and Ryan


  1. What a wonderful place! We're excited for you & Ryan. Makes us wish we were just your age!!! XOX Mom & Dad

  2. Oh Erica--it's GORGEOUS! And talk about an upgrade! 2 bedrooms will come in handy for visitors... (aka ME!) Glad you made the drive safe!

  3. Oh my gosh! It looks so great! I really really really want to come visit you! You guys are so lucky...how did you get such a good apartment? You two are party animals i guess. I can't wait to come see you sometime! Your apartment looks fabulous...definitely an upgrade from the last place I bet.

    I love you!

  4. That's so exciting!! I didn't even know you guys had moved, it's so weird how summer went by so fast! Congrats. I can't wait to see you and Ryan sometime in the future!

  5. Yay! Nice furniture! I am so glad you're settling in and how FUN to have such a new adventure! Live it up, you're learning how fast time flies huh!

  6. TOUCHDOWN JESUS???? Could I have an explination of that one please? What a FUN adventure you two will have this year! Glad you made the trip safely. Nettie and I don't recommend doing it in January...

  7. So darling! I love your place! I want to come visit! Looks like fun!