Sunday, March 2, 2008

Baby's First Words

This little book at the Notre Dame bookstore was just too cute to pass up. We like to joke about how we can possibly make Leprechaun be our baby's first word. So next time you see us, if we're throwing the word "Leprechaun" into every sentence, you'll know why.

My dear friend Kimber sent me the cutest children's book called "Ma! There's Nothing to Do Here! A Word from Your Baby-in-Waiting" by Barbara Park. It is darling! Here are the words from one of my favorite pages:

"I'm all in a heap here.
My feet are asleep here.
I'm flat out of space. I've got knees in my face.
And I'm totally bored with this dumb bungee cord...
I'm not kidding you...
There is nothing to do!"

Anyway, we spent all of yesterday in Chicago. It was ward temple day, and we went out with some friends to get some authentic Chicago-style pizza. It was a great way to kick off Ryan's spring break! Hope everyone had a great Sunday. Love ya!


  1. Baby books! I can't wait until you get to read them to your baby! I'll never forget when Ashlyn was 3 days old, Corey was singing her the ABC's song. It's never to early to start with that stuff! Chicago pizza in Chicago! I'm jealous! When do you find out if it's a boy or girl?

  2. You need to get the BYU book too! ;)

  3. She's NOT finding out, Sally! Just leave her alone!

  4. Wo, Mar! What a great idea! Haha

  5. Those are such cute books! How nice of Kimber to send you that baby book. I love it! It looks adorable.

    Enjoy your spring break! I'm so jealous! Love you.

  6. Are you serious about not finding out boy or girl? How could you stand it!