Saturday, March 22, 2008

Meet Baby!

We had our ultrasound yesterday! I was so excited all day, telling Ryan practically every five minutes, "I can't wait to meet our baby!"

I'll admit that before I had a little baby growing inside of me, other people's ultrasound pictures didn't mean a whole lot. In fact, it's possible that I thought the pictures looked a little weird and that I could never really tell what I was looking at anyway. Just possible. ;)

Nonetheless, here are our pictures of Baby!

This is the cute little profile! For a while the baby had it's mouth wide open, as if it were yawning. So cute!

And this is a picture of one of the feet.

The technician said everything looked good and healthy to her and confirmed our due date (Aug 15) as right on track. I decided that our baby didn't particularly like the prodding, because he or she was so wiggly the whole time! (Not exactly cooperating for the picture taking...Maybe we have another young Rachel on our hands!)

So in case you haven't guessed from this post, we didn't find out the baby's gender. We love talking and imagining the baby as either a boy or a girl, and I think we just didn't want to give up that suspense! If either of us had a preference, I would have wanted to find out, but we're both just so eager to welcome the baby into the family that it doesn't matter to us what it is!

And one last thing - I think my favorite part of the ultrasound was just being told exactly how the baby was positioned at that moment in my tummy. Knowing where it's head and feet were made it all feel so real!


  1. Oh! That's so happy!! It's such a cute little baby!

    I can't believe you're not finding out, but it does make it a lot more suspenseful and exciting!

  2. I can't handle not knowing what restaurant we're going to for dinner later in the evening... my tolerance level for suspense is OBVIOUSLY much less than yours!

    I can't WAIT to find out what you're having!

  3. Congrats! It's so nice to hear that baby is healthy and looking great.

  4. I LOVE ultrasound pictures! That's the little profile you'll come to know and love for years and years and years. Ahh.. How sweet. I already am in love with my little neicephew!

  5. We're so excited for you & Ryan to feel a parent's love. It's wonderful and all encompassing! What a cute baby!! Congratulations, again!!! XOX

  6. that must be such an awesome experience!! and I don't think I would be able to wait to find out if it's a girl or boy - how do you know which clothes to buy, how to decorate, what name to pick?

  7. k so I just realized I am signed into my husband's gmail and not my own... so this is Alison, fyi.

  8. Yay! congratulations! More power to you for wanting to be surprised. I bet people "can't believe you didn't find out" well the opinions just get worse when you're trying to raise your baby, so just get comfortable doing things the way you and Ryan like :) I'm so excited!

  9. Oh one more thing....where are the pictures of the pregnant belly?!

  10. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOW CAN YOU NOT FIND OUT!?!>!!>!>!??? I am dying, what are YOU going through!

    But, on the plus side, you won't be buying a whole lot of items ahead of time, being in the interesting living/moving situation you are, right?

    But how do I know what to start looking for you at sales and stuff?

    Cute pictures! I totally remember being oh so happy to realize there was really a little person and knowing how she was positioned inside of me, so I totally understand. Congrats!

  11. Erica, he/she is beautiful! I am so happy for you, and also grateful that all is well with you and baby. I say dittos to what Malerie said in her second post, where are the pictures of your cute tummy!

  12. What a beautiful baby! I am still guessing it is a girl! Congrats!

  13. I agree with Malerie! I want to see pics of you too! Love ya!