Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring is coming...

...And I couldn't be more elated! Today, instead of going to the gym like I'd planned, Ryan and I went on a run/walk around Notre Dame's lakes. It's supposed to get up to 50 degrees today, which is jaw-dropping shocking, so we HAD to take advantage of it (especially since I think it's supposed to snow next week).

It was beautiful! After a long winter, we finally got some sun on our skin and listened to the birds chirping while we exercised. The lake is still frozen, and there is a little remaining snow, but you can still feel spring in the air.

We talked about my favorite subject most of the way--my business--and also about how grateful we are to be here at Notre Dame.

I hope everyone else is getting to enjoy some early springtime in your part of the country.


  1. That makes me so happy! I'm so happy the weather is getting nicer.

    I love you and Ryan!

  2. yay for spring! We're getting into the 50's here too.

  3. Just when all the snow had melted here, it snowed and stuck on Sat. night! So glad you're so positive and enjoying your area! Joy in the journey is the BEST! XOX

  4. I'm sucking in all the springtime I possibly can. I know it's coming to an end soon, and I'm very, very sad about that. One's joy is another's demise. :(