Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What would this world be without iTunes?

Last night Ryan and I had an iTunes party to find some new music to add to our ipod. Consequently, today is a great day! Working out and editing (though very different tasks) benefit equally from the same the new songs. I thought I'd share our new discoveries, which probably aren't so new for most of you cooler people out there.

1. Dear Maria, Count me In by All Time Low
2. Until You by Dave Barnes
3. Say It Again by Marie Digby
4. Beauty in Walking Away by Marie Digby
5. Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift
6. Madly by Tristan Prettyman
7. Breathe In Breathe Out by Mat Kearney
8. All I Need by Mat Kearney

Eight dollars well spent!


  1. Mat Kearney is definitely some high quality music! I bought his cd for Joshua, and we both love it.

  2. Oh I love itunes! And new music! It looks like you got some good ones.

  3. I always like learning of artists and great songs. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I LOVE new music! It makes running even funner when I've got a new tune. I usually throw it in my running mix without looking where I put the new song so I get a little treat/surprise! I'm checking out your playlist, so don't be surprised if I've gotten your new songs, too!

  5. I second the comment on Mat Kearney. I not a major country fan, but I bought the Taylor Swift album because I really like it. I hope you're studying for music jeopardy. :)