Saturday, July 12, 2008


Well - I think I will post my first post, something I have been meaning to do for probably more than a year. I at first was reluctant thinking that blogs were somewhat of a narcissistic activity and still think they probably are. So please forgive me.

Erica and I consider ourselves blessed to be here and very fortunate. We are thoroughly enjoying California and wouldn't second guess our decision to move here for a second. For 2 years people have been giving us funny looks and telling us how expensive it is here, our response is that if you want to live cheaply we know of some very affordable property in Indiana. Often time we are also warned that we may die in the next earthquake. Our response to this one is that we are not going to be scared of what could happen, we are just going to enjoy the lives we are living.

Anyway - a few of the things that I have really enjoyed the last 6 weeks:
  • I love getting up in the morning walking to Piazza's (similar to Whole Foods) next door and buying fresh fruit and vegetables grown nearby. Erica makes this awesome salad with fresh corn, tomatoes, croĆ»tons, olive oil, onions, and mushrooms all purchased from the farmers market and grown locally. It really is good! We've also eaten locally grown asparagus, artichoke hearts, and honey. Erica got a big box of strawberries for 5 bucks and made a whole bunch of her great jam. Erica's mom took us to Costco and bought us among other things steaks and fresh salmon! We've had several evenings grilling, jumping in the pool, and then watching a movie.
  • The beaches are great - Maybe they're not like Hawaii or even San Diego, but I bet the beaches here are a lot less crowded. Once you get your wetsuit on and you're swimming around you hardly notice that the water is 55 degrees. I have continued to try and learn how to surf which has been a whole lot of fun.
    Once I actually learn how to surf with some degree of competence, I'd like to try windsurfing and maybe when Trenton is old enough kite-boarding.
  • We haven't been hiking yet, but there are lots of great trails around here. Sometime I'll get my mountain bike fixed up and tell you more about the trails.
  • Our ward is great. We have met several younger families like ours and feel more comfortable at church here than we did after 2 years in Provo (How are those snorting dogs???).
  • Having the satisfaction and feeling that we are actually going to be living here for more than 12 months. We do miss Notre Dame, but are excited to have a place to call home.
  • Our complex is filled with friendly caring people. Most people here are excited about Erica's baby and she is often getting complements and individuals expressing their concern for her.
  • Above all we are excited about the baby and are looking forward to welcoming it into our family.
We are very grateful to be here and are looking forward to having Erica's family visit in a couple of weeks.


  1. A positive attitude is the BEST! You are both amazing people that we're proud of!

  2. YAY, a Ryan post!

    You guys really know how to make the most out of life! Can I come live in California too and be closer to you? I'm looking forward to coming out there and seeing what life is REALLY like? Not so sure how I feel about the FREEZING water at the beach though...

  3. I'm incredibly jealous of your recreational activities! And terribly happy for both of you (and Kate!) :)

  4. Nothing beats living here. It's the best. There are also several sweet mountain biking trails--try Waterdog Lake park to start out.

  5. And what about the sharks man?!? Add that to the list of California calamaties. (Ask Erica if I spelled calamaties right.)

    I'm proud of you Ryan. I'm 2 whole blog posts into my blooging career and you've got me beat!

    I can't wait until we can come visit! Looks like a fun life you're setting up for yourselves.

  6. You make me jealous. My vacation spot is your lifestyle. I totally agree--better to live in a place you love even if it's more expensive.

  7. Yay for a man post! We love you Ryan and would love to hear your thoughts ANY time.

    I am glad you are feeling happy and so blessed.