Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fun with the Fire Alarm

Today we were officially inducted as resident managers at our complex: the fire alarm went off. Twice.

Residents came meandering downstairs in their nightgowns; apparently no one gets too freaked out when the alarm sounds. With the exception of the one crazy lady who was mad at Ryan and I for "interrupting her sleep" (as if it were our fault), everyone was surprisingly jovial. It was complex bonding time--waiting for the fire department to show up and chit-chatting with the old ladies about my upcoming birth (over the sound of the insanely loud alarm, of course).

The fire alarm panel in the office told us which smoke detector was having a problem, so Ryan checked it out. No fire, no smoke.

About 10 minutes after the fire department silenced the alarm and left, the alarm was triggered again. Ryan and I both frantically got on our phones trying to contact dispatch so the fire department wouldn't come again...No need to be charged for two false alarms! We silenced the alarm again and tried to avoid the aforementioned crazy lady.

We can't get the system serviced until Monday, so cross your fingers that the alarm doesn't keep going off all weekend!

Oh wait. After dealing with that all morning, we decided at about 4pm to swim some laps in the pool. As we were drying off, we heard ANOTHER alarm. This one sounded different than the other two, so we deduced that it was the sump pump. We booked it over there and--thank goodness--switched it from auto to manual before the sewage started overflowing.

All I can say is, this complex needs us.


  1. Oh my! That's sounds scary! Never a dull moment. Bonding time...that's great!

  2. Oh wow, that sounds like chaos! But you guys are great managers and handling it well!

  3. I guess being managers isn't all glorious! Good luck dealing with the tenants and the crazy fire alarms!

  4. Hahahaha.... Oh I guess you'll earn your keep, eh?

    There IS something bonding about fire drills... happens at work more often than it should and I always make a new friend.