Saturday, September 5, 2009


We have some good news to celebrate in this house. Ryan's too modest to tell anyone himself, so I've taken that task upon myself—gladly! He passed all four sections of the CPA exam!!! Go Ryan! It is a tremendous relief for all of us. And with our first Saturday alllll to ourselves, we booked a nice hotel and headed two hours south to Carmel-by-the-Sea.

I admit - I had my moments during our get-away when I plotted writing this post along the lines of..."Top 10 Reasons a Romantic Vacation with a Baby is not Romantic nor Vacation." But by the end of the trip I felt so happy and refreshed that I'll keep those Top 10 reasons to myself. (But ask me if you're interested!)

We stayed at La Playa Hotel, built in 1905, which is walking distance to downtown Carmel as well as the beach. Perfect location. They even had a crib waiting in our room. This morning we ate breakfast on the terrace overlooking the gardens and ocean. Trenton really loved the pancakes. The whole restaurant knew when he was ready for another bite ("Wa-ah!") and when the bite was headed his way, because he laughed at every bite. It was so funny!

A woman at our complex gave us free tickets to the Monterey Acquarium. We loved it and agreed it would be a blast to take our kids there when they're older.

Last night for dinner we ate dinner at a little Italian place called Little Napoli, which I read reviews of on Delicious.
We watched sunset at the beach, which was my favorite part of the trip.

Trenton and Ryan made friends with about a hundred dogs this morning at the beach. The kid LOVED it.


  1. I LOVE Carmel! I am glad you had a great time. It's my favorite. Too many people go to Monteray and totally forego Carmel. Next time eat at Anton Michel. Yum. (and fancy--leave the kiddos at home).

  2. Congrats to Ryan! What a fun vacation! The story of Trenton eating pancakes made me laugh.

  3. LOVE all the pictures! Trenton looks so big and happy in that picture of you holding him. All those teeth sure make him look older. Talia and I decided that in the picture with Ryan and Baby T at the acquarium, Trenton is looking at the sea creature about to eat his daddy's head!

    CONGRATS to RYAN!!! What an accomplishment. I'm glad you celebrated.

  4. I would certainly be interested to know! Also, did you get a good deal on the hotel? Do they have a website? And congrats to Ryan!

  5. Congrats to Ryan on passing his exams! And to you Erica for making it through his studying! I loved your top 10 quote - Totally True! What a cute boy you have and sooo big!

    Take Care,
    Charlotte Crippen :)