Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Love Utah!

We enjoyed a wonderful spur-of-the-moment trip to Utah this weekend. Ryan got a couple of compensation days for working so much lately, and with BYU ranked #7, we couldn't resist going to Utah for a game and to visit family. (We won't go into how that anticipated football game went...)

Trenton did great on the airplane. Eating fruit snacks and drink boxes to his heart's content—that kid was in heaven!

Trenton LOVED the park time we squeezed in, as well as lots of walks with his grandparents. It takes 5 people to keep Trenton safe at a park at this age, so I was grateful for the help!

It was fabulous to see two of my cousins and their darling kiddos. Trenton is the youngest (and biggest) of the three.

The Royal Highness getting hefted down the trail to Rock Canyon Park.

Trenton found lots of home-grown apples and tomatoes to take bites out of at my parents' house.

My mom and dad with their 6th grandchild!

Trenton in Grandma's big tub! (Keeping him from standing up the whole time is pretty exhausting! Thanks, Mom!)


Thanks, everyone, for your hospitality! There is nothing like family!


  1. I love that one of Trenton and I in the garden! That was so funny. I think my absolute favorite was watching Trenton come down the slide. So glad you guys could come!

  2. I'm so sad I couldn't come see you! Trenton is looking so grown up! Ben likes to stand up, and is almost able to climb out, of the tub. Such fun!

  3. Thanks for coming! Trenton's middle name is BUSY!!! He's full of energy. We love you all!

  4. Gosh, I love all those people! Seeing those pics makes my heart ache. Wish I was there too! Trenton is such a TANK! I love it. Glad you enjoyed your trip so much!

  5. I love your pictures and I love Utah too!!!

    Brooke doesn't race until 3:40 pm this Saturday. Then she has to do a cool down run and meet with the team. I'm guessing but I think we will probably do dinner around 6 pm at Frankie, Johnny and Luigi's. I'll call you that day so that we can confirm the time, OK?

    I feel bad cause when I talked to Kimber today, she was like, "I can't believe Erica's having another baby and I haven't even meet Trenton yet!!" I told her I'd take really cute pictures for her.

  6. What fun! I love your family! I miss hanging out at the William's House :)