Friday, June 18, 2010


So, I'm sure this won't be too hard for most of you... But name that baby!!

Trenton was a little younger than Chase when his picture was taken. He was always bigger than Chase, though, so they're comparable in size in these two photos. Whenever people ask me if they look alike as babies, I say they look like brothers but not little duplicates. Or do they even look like brothers?

Also, do you see any of Ryan or me in our babies? I don't really, but that might be because I'm too close to the situation to really see it.


  1. They definitely do look like brothers. First one is Trenton, the second Chase, who has grown a TON!!! How is he doing these days? What is he like?

  2. That's amazing you can compare baby pictures like that! They do look like brothers! Both adorable...

  3. Yeah, the first one is definitely Trenton and the second is Chase. I'm not very good at seeing how babies look like parents, but I kind of think that Trenton looks a lot like Ryan! And then maybe Chase has your eyes? What cute babies!