Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life as I Know It

The other day Ryan snapped a few pictures when Trenton was having a little breakdown in the kitchen. I love this photo because it captures my life so well right now. First of all, this is what I wear practically all the time, since we go to the YMCA most every morning. Second, comforting Trenton when he stubs his toe or freaks out because we're out of fruit snacks is a big part of my job! Here I am in the middle of cooking dinner, looking just like I always do, doing what I'm pretty much always doing. :)

And just for fun, here's a typical day in these parts...
  • 6:30 wake up to Ryan's alarm, (lovingly) elbow him until he hears it.
  • 7:00 get out of bed when Chase starts crying, feed Chase, make oatmeal, iron Ryan's shirt, Trenton wakes, get both boys and myself fed and dressed
  • 8:00 on our way to the YMCA
  • 9:45 - 12:00 home from the Y, watch PBS, play blocks, clean house, feed Trenton lunch, Chase's second nap of the day sometime around 11am
  • 12:00 Trenton goes down for nap!! I get some alone time with Chase, and then Chase's third nap usually overlaps with Trenton's for about 30 minutes (love that!)
  • 2:00 - 5:00 Trenton wakes, I clean some more, possibly run an errand, go to a park, go on a walk, or have a friend over (Today we met our friend & neighbor, Leigh and Baby Clara, by the pool)
  • 5:15 (ish) Chase wakes from his fourth nap, feed Trenton dinner, bathe one or both boys, cook if Ryan's going to be home in time for dinner, straighten the house one more time
  • 7:00 Chase goes to bed!
  • 7:30 Bedtime routine and Trenton goes to bed!
  • Ryan gets home who knows when! :) Lately, it's between 7 and 8. Not bad!
  • Relax / get things done / relish my down time
  • 10:00pm Feed Chase and go to bed between 10:30 and 11!
  • (Probably feed Chase again around 4 or 5am)


  1. You are such a great mommy!!

  2. That's quite a busy schedule! I love all the "!!"'s by nap/sleep times! Heaven knows a woman needs those breathers.

  3. Oh I love hearing what a day is like! You'll love having the schedule written down for memory, too. You're doing great!

  4. I have two comments. First, I am very impressed that you iron all of Ryan's shirts. He's a lucky guy (for more reasons than just the ironing of course (o:)!

    Second, are you ready for Chase to give up a nap or two soon or you enjoying your time at home?

  5. Oh no, K, I didn't say I iron all of them! It's kind of hit and miss. :) He does his share too.

    And yes, bring on the fewer naps! Luckily, he's still pretty portable and can take (short) naps in the carseat, but 4-5 a day is still enough to drive anyone a little batty!

  6. hmmmm this in itself is its own form of birth control beccaues i am pretty sure i could never do everything you do. I would just want to cuddle with them and when they start to act up i want to give them back :) You really are a super extraordinary mother.

  7. I remember the days! What a great summary. I'm so happy you are able to stay home and help our little grandsons grow strong! That is a huge blessing that not everyone has. XOX