Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Triathletes

I don't know about Ryan and Kyle, but I had a blast at the triathlon! There is just something about the atmosphere at this kind of an event that is so inspiring. It makes me want to do hard things. We (well, mostly just me) were very peppy fans and cheered on anyone who looked like they could use a little extra boost. Seriously, so much fun! (I'm pretty sure the guys had fun too. :)

Right after Trenton saw Ryan, he ran halfway into the street before I even realized what was happening. He was so sad when I scooped him up and Daddy had to keep running! Trenton even got a little teary! I did my best to explain, emphasizing the words "Daddy" and "back." After that he sat on my lap for 10 minutes barely moving an inch, which we waited for Ryan to come back by. Big T was really happy when Daddy came across the finish line and quit running past him!

Go Kyle! Seriously, it's ridiculous how much I enjoyed cheering our men on!

Anxiously waiting for Daddy or Uncle Kyle to run by. I've gotta say, we rocked as spectators. :)

More spectating...

The big finish! It's a good sign when you're crossing the finish line with a smile. (Btw, disregard the time on the clock; it's not accurate based on the time his heat started.)

Way to go, babe!

For the record, it was an Olympic distance triathalon--a 1-mile swim, 25-mile bike, and 6-mile run. Both guys finished so strong; I was so proud!

Who knows...Maybe it will be me wearing the wet suit next time! (Guess I'll have to conquer my loathing for cold water first.)


  1. That's amazing Ryan did that! So cool. I think I'd rather be watching and cheering him on than doing it!

    I love your looks blonder! And you look so cute in that white coat. You are one hot mama!

  2. Good job to those boys and all, but let's talk for a minute about what a STYLISH mom you are! I'm loving your hair and that coat! Aye yie yie!

  3. Both Kyle and Ryan are inspiring! I wonder if Trenton and Chase will want to do such a thing when they are older!!! Loved the whole post.

  4. Wow! Good job Ryan! That is a big accomplishment. And awesome job with the cheering Erica - I'm sure you were the best cheerleader :)

  5. Way to go Ryan and Kyle!!! What an accomplishment. That's A LOT of miles! I'm impressed you enjoyed spectating so much. I've heard it's a bear trying to get around driving, then the waiting... And with two boys in tow?! YOU deserve the medal!

    All those pics make me wants to enter a race again! Utah 1/2 Marathon April 2011?!

  6. WHOA that's a long triathalon! Ek your hair looks so cute. It looks like ya'll had fun!

  7. Way to go, Ryan! Is this your first triathlon? You did awesome! Just wait . . . you will get the triathlon bug and want to do more!

    Erica, you are such a doll! I love your cute hair cut!

    As always, your boys are absolutely adorable!

  8. Fun to see. Wow, that's impressive. (You and Trenton watching, too.!)

  9. How fun!! I would love to do a triathlon too, but I too HATE cold water!!! I wish we lived closer, we could help each other get there! Your family looks great! Your boys are SO STINKING CUTE!!!