Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Buns!

I go back and forth on whether it's weird to post this little photo series, but it's just so cute I can't help myself! So if this post is mysteriously gone in a few days, you'll know my better judgment prevailed. Until then...enjoy these beautiful buns!

Chase was getting fussy and bedtime was approaching, so I decided to throw him in the kitchen sink (the bath) for 20 minutes to buy us a little time. He LOVES the bath. But apparently what he really loves is just being naked. Because as soon as I took his clothes off, he started wiggling around and squealing happily.

You know Trenton had to get in on the action. Whenever Chase does something, like roll over onto his tummy, Trenton yells "Try!" and runs over to show me he can do it too. Isn't it supposed to be the younger one imitating the older one? For now it's the other way around.

At least Trenton has a diaper on. :)

**By the way, I promise Trenton really does wear pants. A lot of the time, in fact. You just wouldn't guess that from looking at this blog. haha.


  1. Well I think this is cute and not at all weird!
    I am laughing about what you said about Trenton and wearing pants; Olivia spends most of the day without her pants on (when we're home, that is). It's just too much work for her to pull her pants back up after she goes potty, so she just takes them off and runs around in her underwear all day.

  2. Ha! So cute! I feel the same way about my blog because Brady is always in just a T-shirt and diaper. He wears pants too but sometimes it's just easier to leave them off and it seems that's always when I remember to take pictures. Your boys are so adorable! I love reading your blog and seeing how well you are all doing.

  3. You are brave to leave him naked on the couch. Ethan has mostly learned that you don't have to do your "business" just cause you're naked. By I still wouldn't trust him on the couch...

  4. So SO cute. Don't take it off the blog!