Thursday, August 5, 2010

May Summer Never End

It's time to play catch-up!

My parents came into town again in July. It's so sweet of them to drive 11+ hours just to see us. Trenton thrived on the extra attention. In fact, I think it went a little to his head! (He was a bit of a diva that weekend. Read: More Tantrums.) We went to a couple of parks, took a little dip in our complex pool, ate yummy food, and just chatted the days away.
Grandpa and Trenton livin' it up at Ryder Park.

Our family by the pool at our complex. Can you tell Trenton likes the pool? Just proximity to it makes him deliriously happy.

I wasn't equipped for water play because up until this day, he was totally intimidated by squirting water. But that day he got brave and learned that he loved it. (Maybe he wanted to show off for Grandma and Grandpa!) I was so proud!

Yeah, did I say he loved it?

Thanks for coming to see us, Mom and Dad!


  1. So cute! I love how happy Trenton looks to be in the water. I can't wait to have a toddler running around, too!

  2. T. so adorable! What a water baby! I love the family picture. You all look so genuinely happy. And it's nice to see my Daddy!

  3. Wow, we were the lucky grandparents who got to visit. There's no doubt--Trenton likes to explore at the park. He ate his picnic sandwich on the run!!! XOX