Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Doctor. FUN!"

I took both boys to the doctor's office today. It was a little chaotic juggling them both and trying to talk to the doctor at the same time, but believe it or not, it was so much FUN! (Maybe it helps that I love my pediatrician.)

Trenton has been really excited all week to go to the doctor. We've been having lots of conversations about how the doctor would check his ears, his belly button, his toes, etc. In fact, the last thing he said last night, right after I laid him down in the crib, was "Doctor. FUN!" Life is so simple when you're two.

Trenton was super compliant (what??), doing whatever the doctor asked. And when it was Chase's turn, as long as Trenton got to stand on a chair and play with his own stethoscope, he was good to go!

When he got his shot, all he said was "Owie. (Pause) Hurt." He was more concerned when Chase got them than when he did. After Chase got them, he walked around repeating the word "sharp" for about ten minutes. Then he'd ask me, "K?" To which I answer, "Yes, Chase is okay."

The T Monster measured in at 32 pounds (90 percentile, as always) and 37 inches (97 percentile). I knew that boy was tall!

Chase is smaller than Trenton was, but I don't mind, because he's much easier to carry around! :) He measured in at 16 pounds (just under the 50th percentile) and 27 inches (75th percentile).

Go boys!


  1. What a huge blessing to have two healthy, growing boys! Good parenting!

  2. I am pretty jealous about your compliant children at the doctor's office! Mine is the one SCREAMING her head off literally the moment we walk in to the second we leave. I don't even have a relationship with her dr because the little we've communicated had to be yelled over Olivia's death throws.

  3. And by the way, Olivia weighs 24 pounds according to our house scale. WHEW, go T!

  4. You make me so excited to have a little boy! Thanks for blogging about it all the time.

  5. It really does sound like fun! Prepping Trenton ahead of time like that is sooooooo smart, what a good mom you are. That would work for the airplane, too... ;)