Saturday, August 7, 2010

T Turns Two

Our beautiful boy had a fantastic second birthday! I wonder how long he'll keep trying to milk this birthday thing. He didn't really know what it meant—only that he seemed to get whatever he wanted when he would look at me sweetly and say, "Bur-day?!"

More details pending...

Right now I have a Relief Society (church) lesson to finish off! Yikes!


  1. Ahaha! I love it. Trenton is so cute! It's hard to believe he just turned 2, I sorta feel like he should be 3 or 4 by now as an older brother.

  2. Happy birthday, Trenton! Your school teacher grandma was so happy when you arrived two weeks early!!!

  3. Happy birthday T! That's crazy he's already 2! What a yummy looking cake. It makes me want to eat it! I'm sure it was great.

  4. This is the cutest picture ever!