Thursday, August 5, 2010


"Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This is the miracle of love." - Maureen Hawkins

"Remember when you go into the world to keep your eyes and ears wide open. And be kind. Love one another. Take care of each other. Tell the truth. Always do your best. Listen to the big people and the little people. Explore new paths and have fun. Know that you are loved like crazy. Give thanks for all your blessings. Above all else, love and you will do wonderful things in this world." - Rebecca Puig

I've been thinking a lot about these quotes lately. Today was the type of day I treasure. A day when I feel lucky to do what I do. To be a mother.


  1. Awe, me too. We have the best job ever!

  2. What beautiful quotes. I think I'll print them. :) Everyone needs a reminder of how valuable and important love is. What a wonderful gift mothers have to share such an important gift.

  3. Your quotes were beautiful! It's true--a parent's love for a child just has to be experienced to understand it! Victor Hugo said: "The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved." And, YOU are loved!

  4. I love it when those days come along. Those are some great quotes!