Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swim Bike Run!

Ryan and his brother, Kyle, are doing the San Francisco Triathlon on Treasure Island as we speak! Ryan sent me this image from his Blackberry right before they started the race. I just think it's so cute!

The boys and I are off to meet them at the finish line! We'll let you know if they survive!


  1. Ya hoo! What great brothers! So handsome AND fit!!! I was just calling to see what was happening there. Can't wait for more info! XOX

  2. Hi Erica! I loved the camping photos. Picking the berries looked like so much fun. I was wondering if you could send me Rachel's email. She went private on her blog and I would love to see how the married life is treating her!
    I just love your blog! Every time I look at it I can't help but think what a great mom you are. Love the picture of you and Trenton on the kitchen floor. Too cute!