Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Birthday Time!

Happy, happy birthday to my beautiful one-year-old!

We met Ryan for lunch at a little cafe near the hospital where our boys were born. It's his busy season (officially, this time), so we knew we wouldn't be seeing him for dinner tonight. I brought a couple of gifts, some super simple homemade cupcakes (simple has been my mantra ever since he was born), matches and a candle. We Nielsens really know how to throw a party! haha

The birthday boy getting nuzzled by Dad.

Someone was really excited to "help" blow out the candle.

Chase had no problem putting that cupcake away. It was gone before I knew it!

A few things about our little "Chasee," as Trenton calls him:
  • He lives for cords, outlets, toilets, and open doorways. He acts like I have utterly betrayed him any time I take him away from any of these things.
  • Between his interests in those things and his big brother's budding desire to wrestle with him, my main job in life is to keep Chase safe.
  • Chase's signature sound is "AH!" It is practically the only sound he makes. If you want his attention, just start repeating "AH! AH!" to him, and he will almost definitely stop crawling, find your face, and smile. When I pick him up at the YMCA, I know he's happy to see me because he says, "AH!"
  • He has known how to open toilet lids since about 11 months. It doesn't help that his big brother is constantly on and off ours. :) He also likes to push up the cover on our piano so he can play the keys. It seems like he realllly likes to do that while Trenton is napping. :)
  • He has recently started sleeping 11 hours at night. (Hallelujah!) He usually goes to bed around 6:30 or 7:00pm and wakes around 5:30 or 6, at which point I give him a bottle and he stays quiet or talks to himself for another hour.

And last, a snapshot of me and my boy. Today I'm celebrating his birthday, but I'm also celebrating the fact that I made through the first year of having two kids! Phew!

I also have to mention that Trenton has been adorable about Chase's birthday. In the car, he kept saying, "Happy birthday, Chase!" And when he helps Chase opens presents, he actually shows them to Chase and says, "See?" Pretty good for a two-and-a-half year old!

We love you, little Chase!


  1. Fun! I know Ethan's first is coming up and knew Chase's had to be sometime soon. I'm all about simple too. :) Happy Birthday Chase!

  2. One already?!? Happy birthday to "Chasee"--"AH!"

  3. Happy Birthday Chase!!! I love the picture of him & Ryan and also the one where he's mesmerized by the fire. Ewie about being able to open the toilet lid (!), so cute about the "Ah!" and yay for sleeping 11 hours/night! GO CHASE!!! :) Your Aunt Mary loves you!

  4. Happy birthday Chase! I love his cute little teeth. I wish I could have seen him devour his cupcake!

  5. Oh happy birthday Chase!! I think that was a great way to celebrate his birthday. I guess that soon I need to teach Colton not to call Chase "BABY" Chase anymore...

  6. Wow I can't believe he's one! What a darling little thing. And what a great way to celebrate. Good luck through the busy season!

  7. Your new header is very elegant. Such a photogenic family. I can't believe he's one either. Maybe you should just keep those toys until Chase is done with them -- he's getting to be about the right age, right? Heaven knows we have plenty of others here. We'd love to see you anytime you feel like heading south. Happy Hollow anyone?

  8. Happy FIRST birthday to Chase! How much he's grown! XOX

  9. No! He can't be one already! That means mine isn't far behind!!! Happy birthday Chasee! That is so cute! Good for Chase on the sleep thing- that is awesome! He needs to teach Tate some lessons in that! Hope you survive busy season- we're just coming off ours here and it is great! Talk to you soon!

  10. Wow! I can't believe he's already one. Time goes so fast once you have children, doesn't it? I can totally relate to your comment on trying to keep Chase safe. I feel like I am trying to protect my baby from her big sister all the time too!

  11. Awww happy birthday Chase! I love his hair, and the pictures. That is great you got to meet Ryan for lunch. The picture of Trenton vacuuming is hilarious and I LOVE that they are only partly dressed. Chloe is NEVER dressed at all. I am going to email you now... oh and you look beautiful in your pic with chase. Is your hair lighter? Well, I love it!