Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Adventure Summer

Ryan deserves his own adventure post, after the summer he had. It started with a lot of laps at the 24 Hour Fitness pool, which led to his "escape from Alcatraz" swim. We are so proud of him!

This was from his open-water practice swim the week before, at the aquatic park right in front of Ghiradeli Square:

The day of the race, only a week later, felt almost like a different season. It was gray and chilly. The boys and I huddled under our beach towels almost the whole time he swam. (So glad I didn't have to get even a toe wet!)

I need to teach these people to look at the camera! :)

Plenty of paddling arms! No idea which set would be Ryan!

He did it! 

Next up, it was another century ride (100 miles) in late September: Waves to Wine. This is his second year doing this event with E&Y, and his fifth century ride altogether. (For my post on the 2010 Waves to Wine, click here.) For this race, they start in San Francisco, ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, and up the north bay to Rohnert Park. 

The E&Y team. I think they're supposed to be posing crazy here. I guess that's as crazy as a bunch of accountants get!

Sometime during the summer, his mountain biking also picked up. He has always loved mountain biking, but this was the first time since we've lived in the Bay area that he has really gotten into it and explored the trails near our house. (I like it, too, because a little adrenaline rush at the start of a Saturday seems to put him in a good mood for the rest of the day!) 

Ryan, his dad, and his brother planned a biking trip to Moab in October, so he flew to Salt Lake one weekend and drove down with his dad and a friend (Charney) from our ward here who also decided to go. They had a great time and even squeezed in a BYU football game on the tail end of the trip. 

I'm amazing that he squeezed in that much adventure/exercise considering the type of hours he works. It would be hard to top that summer! Love you, babe! 


  1. Sounds like he had a lot of fun this summer! And I think it's inherent in the Y chromosome to NOT look at the camera. Haha.

  2. Man, that is adventurous! Dan did a one day rim-to-rim of the Grand Canyon in May and I still haven't gotten him to write about it. At least I wrote some about his running goal. Good for you for keeping up!

  3. Go Ryan! He is quite the adventurer. And what pretty pictures (as usual!)!

  4. Way to go, Ryan! ...and what a beautiful, supportive wife! And, cute boys! Good work.