Monday, April 29, 2013

Newborn Heaven

I am in newborn heaven. It doesn't change the fact that this stage of my life is a lot of work, but something about this little lady just has me over the moon. (Maybe it's the pink!) I seriously love every little thing about her.

Precious sleep smile. 

Cheeks. :) 

Beautiful eyes! Steel gray with hints of blue. I'm eager to see how they end up. Also, impressive photography on Trenton's part! 

One of her first smiles caught on camera, at five weeks old. And some eye lashes starting to come in!

"Hi, Little Miss. It's just me, Chase." (Repeat)

"You're a good girl. You're a good girl. You're a good girl. I'm your brother. I'm your friend." He repeats sentiments like this to her all the time in the sweetest singsong voice. Chase has picked up on it too. We are so lucky they have taken so well to her! In the six weeks she has been in our home, they have never once shown her anything but love. I know what a miracle that is! 

Who doesn't love a naked baby!

I love that relaxed arm and her little outie belly button sticking up.

Thanks to Aunt Sarah for making this beautiful bow for us! It is way too cute!

I don't think I have any pictures of the two of us that aren't self-portraits. :)

I took this one several weeks ago, when she was about two weeks old. It is one of my favorites. 

And a little fun editing on this one pretty much captures how I feel about these days. The newborn glow. #dontgrowbabygirl


  1. She is so cute. Giving me serious baby cravings right now. What a sweet time to savor right now, especially with the boys being total sweethearts. Thanks for sharing in pictures.

  2. Great pics! Did T really take one--I'm shocked! I'm impressed you have so many good ones. I always feel like they are so adorable and the pics always turn out blah. How fun to have a girl!

  3. Oh my word...she is so fantastically adorable. She's lovely, Erica! Stop making me baby hungry!

  4. Ahhh, you just made this grandma's day. Loved every word and picture. Just precious! Thanks...xox