Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quinn's Birth Story

On the day of Quinn's due date (Saturday, March 16), I had consistent contractions for several hours in the early morning, but by the time we called my doctor, gave the hospital a heads up, and got the boys ready to go, the contractions had dissipated. I was disheartened... and maybe somewhat in shock that she still hadn't arrived. (With the boys, my water broke 11 and 15 days early, respectively.)

Monday morning (two days after my due date), the same thing happened, but I was trying hard not to get my hopes up. Again, by mid-morning the contractions had spaced out quite a bit. I had a scheduled doctor's appointment that morning, and as soon as I described the contractions as distinct—strong enough that I didn't particularly want to talk through them—Dr. Stodgel shrugged aimiably and said, "All right! You check into the hospital, I rupture your membranes, you get the epidural, and a couple of hours later you have a baby!" No big deal!

He left it up to me whether I checked in or waited to see if the contractions picked back up. Heaven knows I was ready, so I called and told Ryan to come home from work. It was time!

At 1pm, I walked myself up to the maternity ward and signed in while Ryan dropped the boys off at the Bartons' house. (We owe you!) It was surreal; I was almost incredulous that I would have a baby that day. But by 2pm, the doctor had ruptured my membranes; by 4:30 I had gotten the epidural; and by 6:15, little Quinn had arrived!

She weighed 8 pounds, 12 ounces and was 22 inches long. We named her Quinn Leona—Leona having been my Grandma Wood's middle name. It is a beautiful legacy to carry, and I'm pretty sure Grandma gave her her last hug in heaven before sending her to us!

I kind of wish I weren't in this photo, because I look shrunken and somewhat shocked (which I was, because hello, I had just given birth!), but I really like Dr. Stodgel, so here it is. He also delivered Chase, so between two pregnancies, I've seen this guy a lot of times. :) I had very few questions or concerns throughout my third pregnancy, so we'd just chat like old friends during all of our visits. 

Introducing Quinn to the boys was one of my favorite parts of her birth. Trenton especially was intrigued and kept climbing up to stroke her forehead and softly say "Hi Baby Quinn." 

The highlight of my hospital stay was this text from Ryan: "Boys are on their way to pick up the girls." What a thrill to have both boys and girlS in this family! :)

When it was time to leave, the boys, Ryan, and two volunteers escorted Quinn and me out to the car in the wheelchair. Toward the end of our walk out, Ryan ran ahead to pull up the car, and he casually told the boys to "take care of Mom and Quinn." The next thing I knew I had a boy on each side of my wheelchair, each holding a handle. Everyone who passed us oohed and awed over what handsome escorts I had. They were taking their job very seriously!

We love you, Quinn Leona! You are going to be one well-loved baby sister!


  1. What a sweet story with the boys. Seeing these pictures makes me so excited for tomorrow. I can't wait for the boys to meet the girls. Congratulations again on your cutie!

  2. You look absolutely great! What a happy birth story. Little Quinn took her time arriving....but then, made a pretty quick appearance! She's a beautiful baby--

  3. I love that text! How fun. And I also really love her sweet little newborn foot. I'd forgotten how wrinkly feet can be! What good big brothers the boys were right from the start. I still can't believe it all happened so quickly!

  4. I love it! I love that text too. You have a family of FIVE now! Crazy.

    I can't believe that you had Quinn in pretty much five hours of labor! You lucky girl. Sounds like everything went just great. I'm so happy that Quinn is here! Hopefully I will get to meet her someday soon!

  5. And I think you look great in that picture with Ryan and the doctor. Not like you just gave birth at all! You look amazing.

  6. Love it. What wonderful photos and memories you captured! Good work on it all momma!

  7. What a sweet story! I love all the pictures, too. I can't wait to meet your sweet little girl.

  8. Oh, I love it. What a change (in birth timing) than your other two. I just plan on being late like usual. :) I love that you took a picture of the text; what a great memory. We have a friend with 2 little girls who just found out they're having a boy and are so excited. I can only imagine. She'll be soo well taken care of by her big brothers and I love that they are your little gentleman too.