Monday, April 1, 2013

She's just too beautiful!

I love this face so much! And this time around, I know how quickly they change, so I'm soaking it up and taking as many pictures as possible!

Quinn is two weeks old today and already more alert. She is now able to hang out contentedly for slightly longer stretches of time. She has been a better sleeper than I remember either of the boys being, but I think she'll outgrow her newborn sleepiness soon. :)

She smiled at me last night—while we made eye contact!! I know those smiles won't come consistently for a several more weeks, but it still made my day.

 Baby bundles really are the best.

 That face!

Unwrapped. :)


  1. She is so beautiful! I could look at a million of these pictures.

  2. How precious. You're right - They change SO fast. I love her!

  3. That is so sweet that you smiled at her! She is so cute. I'm happy you're enjoying this stage (and hoping I will too someday!).

  4. Oh goodness, Erica. You officially caused my first twinge of baby hunger since Charlie's birth. Little Quinn is just too precious. I love the picture of her wrapped up so tight. Lucky you with your pink things, too!