Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Marathon!

Introducing the fireman...

And the cowboy!

After more than a month of anticipation, our Halloween festivities began with a party at preschool.
Our little cowboy with his best bud, Colton the astronaut, and the handsome fire chief.

Aw. Colton's not sure what to think about the hand holding...

I love the preschool-age version of Halloween. Adorable costumes and nothing scary!

The next party in the lineup was our church social. We were happy it was on Saturday because it meant Ryan was in town!

And to wrap up all the partying, we arranged to go trick-or-treating within our building. Since we manage it, I know all 52 sets of neighbors, so I called all the old ladies and asked if they'd like trick-or-treaters. Additionally, a neighbor put a little pumpkin printout in the mailroom and encouraged people to post it on their door if they had candy to give out. It was so fun going around searching for those little signs! Pictured above is our sweet little friend Clara (her mom and I are great friends) with the boys.

As you can tell, the ladies in the building really went all out! They STUFFED the boys' bags! The two bags on the left were our original bags. The other two were given to us by a lady who bought them just for the boys and filled them to the brim with organic treats! So sweet!

Anyway, I think Halloween sufficiently lived up to Trenton's expectations. Now I just have to figure out how to get him to let me take down the Halloween decorations! (Maybe I'll just have to swap them out directly with Christmas!)


  1. What great costumes! Those preschool kids all dressed up are adorable.

  2. You are so clever. Way to get the neighbors involved. I"m sure they loved it too.

  3. Love the costumes! I'm sure T will be talking about all the fun you all had for months to come.

  4. What a haul! Lucky boys. Darling costumes. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We certainly had a wonderful time trick-or-treating with you all--I loved all these photos!

  6. Oh, they look so cute! So glad Halloween was all that he wished for! You look beautiful, as usual!