Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Preview!

Since September our home has been ringing with the singsong words, "I'm so excited for Halloween." Some days I hear it every ten minutes. And every neighbor will attest—this boy is excited. For weeks he has flagged down anyone walking near our condo and made them wait while he ran inside and brought out a Halloween item to show off. (Good thing we know all of our neighbors!)

As we began decorating, T latched on to every decoration I brought out—the glittery trees, the spooky haunted house, our "beware" sign, the spider with a candle inside...

The spidery fabric I bought to place the decorations on—he took it to preschool to show his teachers. :)

We regularly drive around neighborhoods in search of pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and spiderwebs.

The other day, Trenton and Chase took their trick-or-treating bags on a walk to the grocery store nearby. They were "just practicing."

Have I sufficiently convinced you that this child is excited?

In the past, I've never been hugely into Halloween. But experiencing it through Trenton's eyes has been by far and away better than experiencing it myself. Happy Halloween!

Carving a pumpkin! Family photo a la self-timer! Trenton smiling better for the auto function than when a real live person is behind the camera! Chase with pumpkin guts on his forehead!

Our piano, all spookified!


  1. I love it! And I'm super impressed with how great that family photo is via a timer!

  2. Aww, I love this. I wish Trenton could show me his Halloween decorations! That is so cute.

  3. It's funny how different holidays are with kids! Glad you have some fun decorations- I need some good Halloween ones! You didn't tell us what he is going to be for Halloween though...

  4. I love your family! Also whoever did the pumpkin, and i'm assuming it was was you, did an amazing job.

  5. The things we do for our kids! I've never been big into decorations, but Adrie's Trenton-like fascination and excitement will definitely fill up many a box in storage with decorations. I guess I may become my mother's daughter after all ;)