Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let's Go Fly a Kite - Take 2

Don't be entirely fooled by the number of fun family outings I post. Exploring is just how we stay sane with two little boys! How they love a good adventure. Our weeks are full of long work hours for Ryan and many a diaper change for me, but getting out on the weekends helps us keep perspective!

The view I see so often of my little Chase. Always on the go! (And an imperfect hairline, as usual, compliments of myself.)

Still in love!

I pulled out the camera and said, "Say—" He cut me off with: "I LOVE CANDY!"

Another lovely Sunday afternoon spent flying kites, this time on the little beach just below Ghiradeli Square. The city was packed, by the way, now that summer has officially arrived in Northern California. (Our seasons are strange!)


  1. Fun! That's a great shot of you and Ryan!

  2. You're a great hair stylist...photographer...mother and wife extraordinaire!