Thursday, November 20, 2008

My TV Junkie

Is it bad that my boy loves TV? He's a big fan of Oprah and the Food Network, just like his mom. It doesn't matter what we're doing, if the TV goes on, he's craning his short little neck so he can see it. ("Ooooh, flashing colors!")

Here he is waiting for a diaper change and twisting his whole body so he can catch a glimpse. (Note that the onesie he's wearing is size 6 months, almost twice his age!)

He's such a ham these days. If I make too much eye contact while I'm feeding him, he loses all interest in the milk and starts smiling his little heart out. This is us before church started... ("Milk? Yeah right, Mom.")

The number one thing people comment to me on is the swaddle. (If it's time for him to take a nap, even if we're out and about and he's in his carseat, he's swaddled.) The number two thing people comment on is that he knows his mommy. Naturally, I love it when people say this. It's such a good feeling to see him look for me when he hears my voice.

In non-baby related news, I'm ecstatic that the holidays are here! I bought a four-foot tree and a few decorations, and I'm having a hard time making myself wait till the day after Thanksgiving to put them up. I'm going to try to hold out, though, because it builds the suspense! It's almost time to break out Josh Groban's Noel CD. (Yes!!!)


  1. Ben does the same thing when the tv comes on! As for Christmas, the only reason I haven't put my tree and everything up already is because Dennis won't let me until after Thanksgiving ( I listen to Christmas music when he's not home already)! This is my favorite time of year.

  2. You're better than me! I put up all my Christmas stuff on Sunday - I figure that I won't be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas - so if I want a good 3-4 weeks of it - I better get a head start! Trenton is so cute! I love chubby babies :-)

  3. Olivia loves tv too-she watches it any time I have it on! I feel semi-guilty but I don't think she's really getting much out of it.... Ok and Olivia wears size 6 months too! And she's 11 months!!!! They are still kindof big! That's hilarious. Doesn't it do your heart good to know your baby is thriving? Off of YOU! Good job, Mommy.

  4. I am right there with you, Erica! I have our Christmas decoration box sitting on our table. I keep trying to tell myself to wait until after Thanksgiving . . . but I think I am going to just go ahead and do start the decorating process. I already listen to Christmas music! I seem to get excited for the holidays an little earlier every year!

  5. I've got Christmas music playing right now...i was going to try to wait, but being home all day, it's fun to have it playing. Enjoy the holidays!