Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home Again Home Again

While driving to the Salt Lake airport, we were seriously tempted to "miss" the exit— "Ooops! Guess we'll have to stay a few more days!" But after much debate, we decided real life couldn't wait for us, so here we are, back in California.

With both our families in Utah, our quick trip was jam-packed with family togetherness. (We're sorry we couldn't see everyone while we were there. Maybe future Utah trips will have to be a couple weeks long... :)

I went to one day of the Association of Personal Historians conference held in SLC, and we spent two nights with each family. Trenton just ate up all the attention! I started to miss my baby, since I was so rarely the one holding him! :) What a blessing it is to have such tight-knit families. Ryan blessed Trenton (similar to christening) at his parents' beautiful home in Provo. Thank you for everyone who came to share our special day.

Trenton LOVED the airplane! As soon as we got on, he started smiling and wouldn't quit!

He also loved being cuddled by Grandma Julia, who tried to never let him go. :)

He stretched out and relaxed for ages in Grandpa Gregg's lap.

I was so lucky to have my brother, Corey, fly up from Arizona for the occasion. Ryan always says Trenton looks like Corey. Can you see the resemblance?

The lovely Rachel, now an aunt six times over!


  1. What a CUTE boy you have. How I wish I could have been their for your big week! XOXO.

  2. Congratulations! I wish we could have seen you!

  3. So many good picture! I'm happy that you guys came. I love your little family!

    And my 6 nieces and nephewS! I can't believe that.