Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas at the Williams'

One of my favorite parts of vacation was watching Trenton play with his cousins. They're older than him (12, 7, and 4), but they were so patient and loving with him. He watched Landon fly that helicopter about 15,000 times and LOVED it every time. When we woke up the morning after my sister's family left, the first thing he said was, "Friends?" (He doesn't know the word cousins yet.) He was so sad when we told him they were gone! And we were sad too, because it was a really nice letting the kids entertain him! :)

Grandpa and Grandma Wood's home in downtown SLC is always dressed to the nines for Christmas. And aren't they the cutest couple ever?

My sister Mary and newphew Landon at G&G Woods'

I love this photo because doesn't it perfectly capture how Christmas should be? Sitting, talking, laughing, relaxing. I love you guys!

By the way, next time I feel like I need a break, I might just have to fly my niece Talia (the cute redhead holding Chase) out here. She is so great with my kids!!

All decked out and ready for some sledding! (Because we watched "Caillou's Snow Adventures" on Netlix instant play several times before going to Utah, he was well-versed in snow activities. :)

Sledding with his crazy-fun Aunt Mary. Check out his face!!

The Williams sisters. (Mary - Where were you?? Oh yeah - sliding down the hill head first on your belly!)

Little sweetheart.

My dad is too cute, huh? He looks like one big, fun-loving kid here.

Our happy family. Chase was so bundled up he fell asleep like that.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for spoiling us again this year!


  1. Bwahaha! I love this blog! I LOVED our time together. It was so amazing to see how much the boys had grown. They're both adorable. 12, 7 and 4 (for the record!). Talia was upset that you didn't let her get up with Chase that last night we were there! One of my favorite memories of the holidays is T's laugh in my ear as we sled down the hill on our bellies!

  2. Hey, I wasn't done yet! Your family beautiful and you're an amazing mother. :)

  3. You have the most amazing family ever! Trenton and chase are so adorible. They have too stop growing! When I am older I am going to have kids just like them. :)

  4. I love your cute grandparents home and the darling trees! So cute! It looks like you had a great time in Utah! I love all your pictures and your boys are so cute and getting so big!!

  5. Thanks for coming! Your presence (and safe travel) was the best present!!! XOX

  6. Oh, so fun! You make me homesick! Great pictures!

  7. I cannot believe how grown-up Talia is! Everyone looks so cute.