Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas with the Nielsens

We can't thank either of our families enough for hosting us for Christmas. The gifts, the food, the cleaning, the babysitting(!!!)—thank you so much!

The kid has never loved anyone quite like he loves his Uncle Kyle. He idolizes him.

Grandma Nielsen wanted to make sure Trenton associated really good things with his grandparents. A pinata full of candy (on Christmas morning) definitely did the trick!

Getting dressed in his new Christmas day outfit.

Making cranberry sauce with his grandma. (And maybe showing off his cookie monster underwear?)

The whole gang on Christmas Eve, right after we took gifts to a needy family.

This year's reading of Luke 2 may have featured a certain two-year-old carrying a big wooden reindeer upsidedown pretending it was a lawn mower.

After spending a few nights at Ryan's parents' house in Provo and a few nights at my parents' place in Murray, we drove down to St. George to see the new house his parents just bought there. It is gorgeous! While down there, we went swimming at this beyond fantastic indoor pool that is right by their house.


  1. I love that pool! And the upside down reindeer lawnmower made me crack up.

  2. Trenton always looks great in whatever he wears (or doesn't wear). The pinata idea is amazing! Props to Ryan's mom. Glad you had a good holiday!

  3. What a great Christmas! I'm loving the pool too! How fun! Did they move to St. George? Can't wait to catch up soon!

  4. I am still mourning that you were here and I WASN'T. Please say you'll be at the family reunion in June??

  5. A Pinata!?! Holy cow! That's love!!!