Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Magical Christmas Night

Hopefully several Christmas posts will follow this one, but for now, I have to start with the most magical pictures of the season. The Nielsens took us to the Riverwoods outdoor mall in Provo because it was decked out for the holidays. I loved the ultra-vibrant lights and the warm firepits throughout. And best of all, their Santa knocked my socks off. Seriously, just look at him!

Trenton's Aunt Sarah prepped him on the drive over to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. As soon as he climbed onto Santa, he said very seriously, "Toys and candies." Love that boy.

Chase was all smiles as soon as we set him on Santa's knee. He started grinning and pulling at Santa's beard.

Mr. Claus, Trenton, and his fabulous aunts. I can't get enough of that rich, warm lighting.

All bundled up and sporting his future alma matter... At least, if it were up to us. :)

Who wouldn't want to grab those icicle lights?

T and Aunt Launa (Ry's youngest sister)

Strolling with Grandpa.

The line was a bit too long to go for a carriage ride, but Trenton didn't mind in the least as long as he could get close to those horses. You can't tell from these pictures because too busy being curious to smile, but he really liked them.

A big thanks to Sarah for these gorgeous photos!


  1. Gorgeous shots! I miss you guys! XOX!

  2. The lighting in all of these photos is amazing! It helps that you have such a cute family!!