Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Teaching a Two-Year-Old to Be "Crafty" (Or is he teaching me?)

We're nearly halfway into the "terrible two's," and so far, I'm not finding them to be so terrible. Knock on wood. Sure, Trenton and I have our battles (getting him dressed every morning—that one drives me crazy!), but generally, he is a sweetheart who can usually be reasoned with (although it may take a while).

But one thing I'm looking forward to is him getting old enough for us to broaden our activities/crafts. I had this creative idea for making valentines today, but mostly he was just obsessed with using the glue. (I can't blame him; it was his first time.) My vision of pretty paper hearts decorated with his cute scribbling and hanging with ribbon from a vase full of twigs quickly degenerated to this:

And then, this:

Oh well, someday!


  1. Haha! So funny. This is why I'm anxious to watch Charlie grow. Boys are too much fun! You need a cute little girl to do crafts with.... :)

  2. It looks like you got some scribbling on the hearts though! Either way Chase looks like he enjoyed watching.

  3. I always love clicking on your blog, hoping to find something new, because I'm always rewarded so pleasantly! Your boys are SO STINKING CUTE!!! I think the valentines are adorable!

  4. Very cute! Trenton did a great job! I love the picture under the table- that's how it goes! Girls are a lot more crafty- Adalyn can sit for hours working on projects, but Connor usually only lasts a few minutes. Adorable valentines!