Sunday, January 23, 2011


We enjoyed some more blissful moments this weekend. The nearly 70 degree weather may have had something to do with it. On Saturday morning, we sat in the grass next to the farmers' market and ate our oranges and kettle corn. After naps we played as a family at Casanova Park. I've just started letting Chase go free at parks (as opposed to being stuck in the stroller), and his pure delight is priceless. (The downside is that he will require a LOT of supervision at parks for about the next year, but oh well!) Just like his brother, Chase loves to explore. His mission in life is to crawl hard and fast enough to get through any door that opens. He cries out like he's in pain every time we close the front door, patio door, or even a bathroom door when he didn't make it through. I love both my boys' zest for adventure.

Trenton amazes me daily at how much of a boy he is, rather than a baby. However, he still asks for kisses when he gets hurt and asks to "snuggle" when he's trying to avoid going to bed. Tonight we went to the San Carlos airport and sat practically on the runway while the little planes came in. He let me hold him on my lap, wrapped in a big blanket, for about one minute, and it was the type of moment that I want to remember forever. Big blue sky, tinged with the pink of dusk, and the feel of my "baby" in my arms.

The last moment of the weekend that I would like to remember forever is holding hands with Ryan over our complimentary creme brulee with a candle in it, celebrating our five-year anniversary at Sundance Steakhouse, albeit one month late. Truly one of my favorite moments of our married life. Life is good.


  1. Awesome weekend. Glad you savored it.

  2. I need to get back to creating memories like that! Sometimes, it seems like life sweeps us away, and we stop to smell the roses. Thanks for reminding me to do so.

  3. What a great post! Your little boys are growing up so fast. I love their awesome sense of adventure, too. Keep hanging onto those moments!

  4. Your boys just seem wonderful. I love those smiles! I love soaking in those good moments, makes life a little more complete each time!

  5. Shorts! Look at that!

    Moments like that are tender mercies, in my book. How great that you are writing them down- it's so great to be remember those moments when life isn't quite so blissful! Life is good, kids are good, marriage is good- most of the time :0)